In 1999 I graduated with a National Diploma in Musical Theatre and Dance at the Tshwane University of Technology. I was a member of two of the most prestigious dance companies in South Africa, namely African Footprint and Free Flight dance companies. With these companies I toured extensively both in South Africa and globally. In 2001 after arriving in London, I joined Sakoba Dance Theatre for their autumn U.K and Scotland tour as a dancer and workshop assistant. I also joined the Henri Oguike Dance Company for their U.K summer season.

Whilst persuing her dancing career Olga established a enormous interest in the conditioning of the human body. This is where her interest in Pilates was founded. Upon returning to South Africa, I studied Pilates whilst dancing full time. I was qualified as a Pilates instructor with the comprehensive Body, Arts and Science International Certification in December 2002.

I taught at various studios in Johannesburg until I saw a gap in the market for a Pilates studio at the Linksfield Hospital. Here, I established myself in the Rehabilitation Centre and opened my first pilates studio. After a couple of years I expanded and merged with another studio and the Olinia brand was born. I bought the studio and I built up an extensive clientele, from elite athletes to those with specific conditions, teenagers to senior citizens, and the general public, to public figures.

The past 18years I have also attended workshops and seminars in the Feldenkrais Method and Alexandra Method. I am also certified as an HKC kettlebell instructor as well as in Clinical Pilates, Pilates for Kids, Body Sensing (somatic movement).

Following my passion for movement, health and achievement of a dynamic and balanced lifestyle, I have competed in mountain bike racing on a South African National level achieving numerous podium finishes.

My journey has also allowed me to explore the world of martial arts, and I have been fortunate to train with some of the best in the world, being Sifu Frank Sebregts, and Sifu Bruce Sebregts of the Shaolin Martial Arts Centre.

I have also achieved national champion status in KWF Karate under the leadership of Sensei Alan Lambrechts.

During covid 19 I moved over to teaching all my pilates classes online. In June 2020, I immigrated to Sweden with my family and I am now teaching online with clients globally as well as in my studio in Karlskrona, Fäjö.