Ten Reasons To Train with Kettlebells

Efficiency: Provides an intense full-body workout in an incredibly short period of time.

Tension Management: Kettlebells require that you develop a high level of sensitivity in regards to grip strength and tension distribution that readily carry over into all forms of exercise.

Mindfulness: Kettlebell training requires you to be “in the moment”, allowing you to develop a high –level of concentration, focus, intensity and body awareness.

Sensitivity: Kettlebells require you to constantly challenge your spatial awareness, hand-eye coordination, tension, balance and timing.

Raw Strength: By forcing the muscle to support the kettlebell you end up activating the deeper, harder –to-work, stabilizing and supporting muscles. Most people who start using kettlebells see a rapid loss of excess body fat and weight loss.

Unilateral Strength: Kettlebells require that you develop unilateral skills, coordination and strength.

Holistic: Kettlebells combine strength, flexibility, mobility and anaerobic training into one workout.

Mental Hardening: Kettlebell training develops a high level of mental toughness and an understanding of controlled aggression.

Movement: Kettlebells require you to learn how to move your body efficiently, strongly and with grace and power. Learning how to transition from movement to movement without external stabilization (i.e., a bench or a machine) will require you to develop a higher level of strength and mobility that no machine can ever provide. Kettlebells will make you aware of your weaknesses until they become strengths – and then humble you over and over again.

Complete System: Training with Kettlebells may be the perfect system for developing strength.