Pilates increases strength and flexibility and develops stability in order to gain greater control within movement. This control is essential for both sports activities and functional movement, leading to improved techniques as well as more confidence in day to day movement. All bodies have their own unique muscle imbalances regardless of gender. The initial Pilates exercises can feel slow and relatively gentle because they build strength slowly from the inside out. However, the fact that many elite sportsmen use the method to enhance their performance indicates how challenging the exercises become.

Group classes can often be predominantly female and for many men this presents no problem but if you prefer a One to One Pilates session, this is an extremely effective way of working towards your own personal objectives.

Pilates for Men

Pilates is often seen as a ‘woman’s’ activity but Joseph Pilates developed the exercises on his own body. In addition to this, many of the original instructors were male and many elite male athletes have used the method within their training. Men are often generally used to going to the gym and/or participating in team sports. Often these activities encourage ‘power’ but at the expense of developing deeper ‘core’ strength and stability. As a result, many muscle groups can become tight and over dominant and begin to inhibit movement and technique.


The exercises are gentle enough to suit pregnant women. The programs are tailor-made to accommodate the structural and physiological changes that happen month to month, so that you can safely and effectively condition your body during all stages of your pregnancy. After giving birth, Pilates will help train and strengthen your body, quickly bringing your body back to shape and giving you the much needed energy to look after your new born baby safely.

Sports Training

A custom program to help attain specific body and/or muscular performance objectives for sport enthusiasts and professionals. It will greatly enhance your performance whether you play golf or tennis, whether you sail, or run, hike and swim. Olympic athletes incorporate Pilates into their training routines, so why not try it? This is available with one-on-one and dual instruction only.

Pilates for Kids

Scientific research continuously points to the fact that our children do not exercise enough and that the quality of their exercise is not sufficient to maintain optimal physical and mental health. Why not introduce them to a safe and effective form of exercise that will not only increase their strength, stamina and flexibility, but also help improve their concentration, mental agility and self-esteem? Pilates has been shown to increase both strength and flexibility in children. Simultaneously, learning Pilates at a young age may help prevent injuries and stimulate a more positive attitude toward lifetime physical activity.

For more information regarding Pilates for the elderly, golf, dancers, injury or therapeutic, please don’t hesitate to contact me.